"Alex is currently 20 years old and has Down Syndrome. He is full of life, curiosity, and shenanigans, despite having a history of 12 surgeries and numerous other hospitalizations. There is really nothing we put past him, and the last thing you should ever do is underestimate him! Once he puts his mind to something, there is really nothing he can't do!

On Alex's 18th birthday, he happened to be going to work with mom for the day. While waiting for her to get ready, he thought it would be a grand idea to surf ebay on her laptop and buy himself a present. Go big or go home....Alex bought himself a sleek, black 2014 Camaro for $10K, located in California. Ten. Thousand. Dollars. Well sure, what 18 kid doesn't want a killer set of wheels?! Except Alex isn't allowed to drive! He does have an official state ID which we fondly call his "boating license", but driving a car is highly unlikely in his future.

It took a few months, but the company finally released Alex's mom from liability, and she learned (AGAIN!) never to underestimate Alex and put her laptop on lockdown.Two years later, she can finally tell this story without getting instant heartburn. This past Christmas, Alex got a pretty sweet Camaro in his stocking. Hot Wheels style!

We are forever grateful to Dr. Nichols for the ingenious ways he's been able to help Alex via surgery. But more importantly, that he can see that Alex's life is just as valuable as any other child or person. He gave Alex a chance when others would not take our case. Alex is currently thriving, living life to the fullest, and just had his first job interview!"

Alex's Mom,


Cars Curing Kids holds fun and unique events while raising funds for pediatric surgical research. What a great combo! My family really enjoys attending. Keep up the great work!

Michelle Oster,

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