Dr. Al-Subu is Already Having a Major Impact at American Family Children’s Hospital

I am pleased to report that the $24,000 we granted to Dr. Al-Subu (pictured above) at the American family Children's Hospital is already having a major impact on improving the safety of  emergent breathing tube placement in our Pediatric intensive Care Unit.  Dr. Al-Subu purchased a CMAC; A video monitored device that allows both the person placing the breathing tube (usually the physician in training) and the supervising physician and team to see the airway during the placement of the tube.  This improves the likelihood of a safe breathing tube placement while ensuring we maintain our commitment to train young physicians in this dangerous task. Many of these physicians will go on to work away from the major metropolitan areas in the state. Having this skill for them is essential when they have a critically ill patient and the nearest children's hospital is 4 hours away.

To us this seemed like a rather simple, obvious and needed piece of technology.

Dr. Al-Subu's team has increased the success rate of first attempt emergent breathing tube placement in critically ill pediatric patients from 48% to 83% in the span of 2 months.  This is an extraordinary improvement and places AFCH above the gold standard of 80% success on the first attempt.

For the lay reader, emergent placement of a breathing tube in a critically ill patient who cannot get enough oxygen on their own is a life-saving maneuver that allows them to be connected to a breathing machine that can do the work for them. We project based on this improved success rate and the 103 emergent breathing tube placements we performed last  year that Dr. Al-subu's new piece of equipment will affect over 30 lives this year that would have otherwise been at risk for a catastrophic outcomes including, potentially, death. With our census gradually increasing every year, we project this one little piece of equipment will help save close to 400 lives in the next 10 years. Four hundred kids' lives for $24,000 dollars! Who wouldn't buy that?

These are the exact types of projects Friends of Cars Curing Kids and the Because of McKenah fund seek to support. Projects that will have a major, durable impact on improving the medical care of kids in our state within one to three years.

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