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As we are now exactly one month away from the 2018 Ronald McDonald House Cruise, now would be a great time to share with you a little story about a kid with a huge heart and a BIG engine!

Brett Jedwabny is one of my former patients. I took care of him for about 2 years. There were many clinic visits with his dad, Tyler. Each visit there were many questions, frequently ones that had been asked in the previous visit that had already been answered. Tyler, you see, has a very precise and exacting personality. There was also a discussion at every visit over who is or was the greatest Packers Quarterback. Of course Tyler's preference was evident. After all, he named his kid Brett.

So, in 2015 when our Cruise was being held for the first time at the American Family Children's Hospital, I invited Brett and his family. And that little bugger showed up with a $600 cashier's check from a series of lemonade stands he ran in the weeks prior to the cruise. The following year the check was for over $1,000. Both times I was gobstopped.

Now Brett is at it again, although with a social media boost via a Facebook announcement and a Go Fund Me page. He is looking to double his last effort to hit $2,000 this year. He is already at $1,220 with a month left! I am hoping this year that we can find some matching sponsors for Brett's $2k. So, if anyone out there wants to jump in, please do.

Anyway, please join us on the 23rd just so you can meet this little superstar. We'll even have a photographer there if you want a photo with Brett.

See you then!

-Peter Nichol, CCK Founder

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