Board Member to Match Brett’s Gift

CCK and Ronald McDonald House of Madison are thrilled to announce that CCK Board Member George Stauffer has chosen to match former patient (and graduate for the Ronald McDonald House) Brett Jedwabny's fundraising efforts for our upcoming cruise.

Brett's page can be found at  His is a compelling story. You can see a video of his story here.

Geo was our first Board Member. With his help, we went from a board of 2 (Geo and Peter) to a board of 16 in about a month when we first started out.

He is also responsible for funding the restoration of the most important American racecars of the 20th century. In this picture Geo is standing next to the First American car to win Le Mans in 1966. It is the famous Ford GT40 P1046 that was driven by Chris Ammon and Bruce McLaren. Geo found this car in a crate in a state of disrepair in Ghent, Belgium and had it restored to racing condition back in the 1980s.

The story of that journey is one of many he can tell you about American racing and American racecars.

Please join George, Brett and the rest of the CCK crew at our Cruise on September 23rd.

Finally, thank you George for your endless support and generosity to CCK.

-Peter Nichol
Founder of Cars Curing Kids

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