Successful 2nd Annual Cruise

We were blessed with a beautiful day for the 2nd Annual Cars Curing Kids Ronald McDonald House Cruise. We had an awesome Drivers' Dinner at Cafe Porta Alba Saturday night. Sunday dawned cloudy, but no rain. We had 50 cars, including a Lexus LFA, some spectacular Porsches, a Shelby Series 1 and other terrific cars. Chris Aschliman brought his turbo-charged pulling tractor, UW police gave us an escort, and MPD's mounted police showed up as did the fire department. More than that, the kids came in droves. I had a little 5-year-old named Finn pulling me around by the hand, bombarding me with comments and questions like:

"Dr. Nichol, are you going to have lunch with us?"
"Dr. Nichol, which one is your car?"
"Dr. Nichol, do you like chocolate chip cookies?"
"Dr. Nichol, do you want to play cars with me? You can be the Joker. I'm Batman!"
"Okay, this time you can be the good guy."
"Dr. Nichol, I'm done playing cars. Let's go to the fire truck."

Thanks, Finn!

It was a great day!

RMH houses and feeds families of children that come to Madison seeking medical care. One in five children live in poverty in our state. Many have to travel long distances to receive medical care. Health Insurance does not cover room and board for families in these situations. Poverty is the leading threat to health, and healthcare charges are the leading cause of bankruptcy in the country and in our state. That is why we do the CCK/RMHC Cruise every year. It is our way of doing our part to protect families from those financial threats.

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